Women are often denied the opportunity to participate in sports and have unequal access to educational opportunities in Nicaragua. 

Helping Kids Round First hopes to change that.

empowering women through sports

Women are often denied the opportunity to participate in sports and have unequal access to education.

Helping Kids Round First is trying to change that. After bringing donated baseball equipment to Nicaragua for many years, HKRF decided it was time to pursue legitimate social change and guarantee women have the same opportunity to participate in sports in Nicaragua


At each community they visited that accepted donated baseball equipment, an equal amount of softball equipment was given under the agreement that a team would be started for the girls in town. 

In this manner, over 50 new girls softball teams were formed in communities in 2016, giving hundreds of young women the opportunity to participate in sports for the first time.

Helping Kids Round First's contribution through sports has helped transform the culture, prevent violence and empower women in Nicaragua. The Managua team is currently positioned as winners in the national games.


What I am most passionate about softball is the companionship, we all have to be united to perform well and win the game

Alanis, 22 years

This sport has helped me be more disciplined, makes me have a more positive mindset and sense of community.

Brisa, 14 years

We have supported many young women, we have taken them out of dangerous neighborhoods where there is a lot of crimes and drugs. 

Coach Jennifer


Improving lives through baseball

Every year we bring baseball equipment and provide instruction to youth in rural Nicaraguan communities. Baseball has a unique ability to both bring together different cultures and teach life lessons helping to provide a foundation on which to improve lives.


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