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why farming?

Nearly three-fourths of Nicaragua's population lives on less than $2 per day. This poverty is highly concentrated in northwestern Nicaragua, one of the hottest and driest regions in Central America. ​

Through the introduction of solar-powered irrigation, fertilizer, hybrid seeds, insect control, and educational programs for farmers, Helping Kids Round First has helped put more food on the table for families in the region.

Helping Kids Round First supports 9 farming communities in the Somoto and Somotillo regions of northwestern Nicaragua. At each, the community works together to farm a shared piece of land. At harvest, each participating worker brings home a portion of the crop for their family. A portion of the crop is saved for future use by the community and some is sold to cover the cost of inputs (seeds, fertilizer, pesticide) for future years. With this method, communities are able to supplement often meager diets improving their nutrition and achieve self-sustainability.


Helping Kids Round First volunteers, led by Scott Ramsdell of Dakota Layers, work directly with local farming families and agronomists to teach modern agricultural techniques that can be implemented successfully in Nicaragua's harsh climate to produce more food for local families. Yields have increased dramatically in corn, bean, and vegetable crops both in irrigated and dry land fields. ​ 

In 2018, Helping Kids Round First introduced small-scale chicken and egg programs in farming communities that are approaching sustainability, adding valuable sources of protein to diets in the region.


In collaboration with thNicaraguan Lutheran Church ''Fe y Esperanza'' agriculture and poultry farming programs were carried out in a sustainable way that allowed the people of the Somoto and Somotillo communities to produce their own food.

The excavation of a water well was carried out to ensure the functionality of the irrigation systems, solar panels were installed that together with a water pump are stored in a cistern located on a mountain to use gravity and bring the water to the plants

Take a look at what we did in 2022!

Thanks to the support of our partners, donors, volunteers and families that believe in us, we have managed to help more than 180 families. 


The project has come to innovate and it has been great for the economy of our families and food security of the children.

We are very grateful for the help, even despite the pandemic, thank you so much for being here!

Claudia Guillén, community resident

Helping Kids Round First supports families in the most vulnerable communities in Nicaragua with the production of basic crops to improve their nutrition and diet. They've taught us new ways to grow food and motivated us to work together as a community to create better opportunities for our families.

Maryan Alvarez, Local Agronomist

Improving lives through baseball 

Every year we bring baseball equipment and provide instruction to youth in rural Nicaraguan communities. Baseball has a unique ability to both bring together different cultures and teach life lessons helping to provide a foundation on which to improve lives.


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